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How to create a successful sales pitch that retail buyers or licensors will respond to, Facebook marketing, sell product into retail stores, Packaging best practice and more.

How to sell and create a successful Sales Pitch

By TheOnePitch | December 17, 2017

Technically, my sales career began when I was a 14-year-old girl selling candy door-to-door in Brooklyn, New York.  When a homeowner opened the door, I went into my pitch: “Hi, I’m Karina and I’m with Good Kids of America, a non-profit organization that helps blind kids. I’m selling a box of chocolates for $20. I …

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Seven steps into getting product into Walmart!

By TheOnePitch | December 21, 2017

Meet w/your local store managers Get contact names and store number(s) Register with Walmart Get Score from Duns & Bradstreet Register with 1 World Sync Go back to store and get electronic PO Go to buying day in June if and only product made in USA You can apply online, please use Chrome when applying …

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Ten Steps into Retail Stores

By TheOnePitch | April 4, 2018

Step 1 – Anyone can get their product into retail stores. You just need to have a good product with attractive packaging that appeals to most people. If you can convince the buyer what problem you’re product solves and how they can profit from it then you shouldn’t have a problem getting your product on …

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Jared Rabin CEO

The Inventor of Hang-O- Matic an All-In-One picture-hanging tool that measures, levels and marks the wall at the same time. Jared invented the productwhile in college and after more than 18 years of development, receiving two patents, trademarks and many twists and turns he has gotten his product into over 12,000. MORE



We teach you how to find your buyer, sell to your buyer, grow retail presence, market, brand and even guide you on how to find a licensing deal MORE.

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Karina Rabin Creator

Has been in sales since she was a 10-year-old girl when she immigrated from Latvia. Despite speaking no English, she was determined to pursue a better life. She placed herself beside the register of a local grocer and became the store’s self-appointed, unofficial bagger, working for tips. MORE


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