Seven steps into getting product into Walmart!

Meet w/your local store managers
Get contact names and store number(s)
Register with Walmart
Get Score from Duns & Bradstreet
Register with 1 World Sync
Go back to store and get electronic PO
Go to buying day in June if and only product made in USA
You can apply online, please use Chrome when applying online OR

Go into your Local Store and meet with a Store Manager, Assistant or Shift Manager ONLY. Be prepared to introduce your product in its final packaging. Make sure when you pitch your product you make it quick and clear to understand exactly what it is. The Manager is a busy person and doesn’t have a lot of time to give you so be sure you can pitch it clear in 45-60 seconds. If he doesn’t understand what the product is and you feel like you’re having to explain past the 60 seconds then you’re pitch wasn’t successful, go home, tweak and try another local store. You can even pitch to strangers on Facebook to see if they understand before you try the store. You only have 1impression to make, don’t waste it. There are lots of Walmart locations but I’m sure there’s only a handful around where you live.

If the manager likes your product they can submit your item to their supervisor. You will then approval from the Market Manager (local mngr) and Regional General Manager. You will need everyone’s names and store numbers of the stores where they want to place your product. For example: ( RGM - John Smith) , Store numbers provided by the Store Manager - include in the product description (example: Local Purchase - Stores 121, 156 and 3194, Product - Salsa)

Here’s three easy steps: (can be found on the website above)

1. Registration – Register to gain access to Global Supplier Management

2. Certification – Provide required information and documents to tell us more about your company

3. Acceptance – Accept the terms of the Supplier Agreement

In addition, I asked my market manager to write down how many units he wanted and store number that I was in. I then also wrote down he’s managers name which is the GRM. I scanned it and emailed my corporate buyer that I met at the Trade Show and I cc’d my market manager. For me, I am impatient person and wanted to get the ball rolling.

Once the above was complete, I then received a welcome letter to apply as the vendor of Walmart. If you currently have a vendor number that is NOT the same. However, I advise you to call your local store or any store and ask to speak with the invoice department and ask them to pull up your SKU. If they can’t then there’s your answer.

In order to receive the supply chain information needed to make informed merchandise purchasing decision, Walmart has collaborated with Dun & Bradstreet to create a Supplier Registration Program. Every merchandise supplier must register with Dun & Bradstreet and renew its registration annually. This is an annual fee of $120 and the score must be 6 or under. If your score is too high, when you call Duns to discuss they will try to up-sell you on concierge service to help you get the score lower faster. My advice is not to buy into this $1,000 service because I tried and for 6 months they didn’t do anything and only wanted to up-sell. I then did the work myself. You have to contact your suppliers who you pay such as your factory for example and ask them to report you.

The program requirements are as follows:

• The Supplier Registration Program applies to all active merchandise suppliers. An active supplier is one that has supplier Walmart or Sam's Club with merchandise within the preceding 12 months or plans to supply either organization over the next 12 months.

• To ensure complete coverage of the Supplier Registration Program, Suppliers must register each individual legal entity that is an active Walmart or Sam's Club supplier.

• Supplier that do not wish to participate in the Supplier Registration Program can request deactivation of some or all of their supplier numbers. To request deactivation, please send an email to with "deactivate supplier" in the subject line and include in the body of the email the supplier number(s) to be deactivated, supplier contact name, title, address, and telephone number. Please note that any debit balances must be cleared before deactivation will be effective.

• Suppliers must renew their registrations annually. Walmart will ensure that supplier registrations are kept current by directing D&B to register the supplier if registration lapses. Walmart may recoup the registration cost and a nominal administrative fee from payments due to the supplier if Walmart initiated registration on the supplier's behalf.

Although participation in the Supplier Registration Program does not guarantee that Walmart or Sam's Club will make purchases from the supplier, registration is required to remain an active vendor.

Assuming your score is low, you will then receive a welcome letter congratulating you as the Walmart Supplier. Next step is contacting a Data Sync company like 1World Sync This is another Walmart 3rd party partner where you would sign up with them for $1,000 and have the ability to upload your product. When this is completed you will be able to go back to your local store and they can produce an electronic PO that you will fulfill. Once you get into one store you will now have the ability to visit other stores and get into more locations. You can also meet with a Regional Manager who is in charge of multiple locations and sell into more stores and just keep growing that way.

I personally think this is an easier way to do business with Walmart. We also feel that starting with one store is better than thousands of store, especially because its Walmart. This is a huge giant and you want to make sure 1 store sells before you grow into thousands. In addition, if your product is a hit and sells through quick then you can share those number with corporate for a possible opportunity to go National.

Most of the above information written came straight from the Walmart website from the link I posted above and my personal experience.