My Facebook Ads Blueprint

Facebook ads WORK but why don’t they work for me is what I was constantly hearing from people. I was told that if I don’t know how to do them then I need to find someone who does. I spoke to three agencies who was ready to take on Hang-O-Matic and even willing to work with my budget. They had no problems with working with a $500 budget or $1000 budget. However, my previous Full Time employment was at an Ad Agency and I know that even though they agree to work with my budget 15%-30% of that will be their fee. Agency standard back in the day was 15% however, I had to assume it may be higher because its 2017 and none of these companies would share with me what was their cut and personally I cannot work like that. If you want my relationship the I need to know every single detail or where my money is going. I may have would have hired one of these people had they told me the truth. I then started wondering, they don’t know my product, they don’t know my business and frankly they don’t even know my target audience. Heck, I didn’t even know my target audience. Many of them would tell me its Moms… ok well there are sooooooo many different categories of Mom’s on Facebook. They will have to run 4 different ads or more and target each mom group separate to see what works. I started to think that I may lose a lot of money while the agency will be learning who to target. Personally I didn’t want to be upset with the agency for taking too long, many of them also said that it could take up to 90 days before the ads will show results. They would have to figure out which target audience responds, then what photo or video, which text copy etc. It’s kind of like an allergy diet when you eliminate foods one by one to figure out what you’re allergic too. It sounded frustrating, exhausting, long and expensive.
I decided to take the matters into my own hands. Because I didn’t want to be upset with anyone other then myself for the money I spend learning or paying someone else to learn. I started to listen to Podcasts on Facebook ads and Google the information and also see what others are doing. I talked to about three people who gave ideas and suggestions. I then paid a company to write my text and they even gave suggestions on what kind of photo’s to use. The ad said something like Nailed it Every time. It was written well, but didn’t get anything out of it. I used many different photo’s and different fancy text and nothing worked. I just recently realized that I had spent $10,000 on Facebook ads and didn’t see a return. However, our home page also has all our retailers on there so I prefer to tell myself that some traffic turned into sales at the retailer locations but I didn’t see an online.
Then one day, the light bulb went off…. We created a YouTube Channel called The Pitch To Get Rich where we share our journey how we got our product into retail stores that way new inventors can follow lead and try to avoid the mistakes that we did while learning the ropes of the industry and marketing on Facebook. I obviously don’t have a magic ball but if you follow my formula I think you could have the same results as I did. In order to start generating revenue on YouTube, my channel needed to have 10,000 views. Well we were at 6,000 at the time. So I thought to do a facebook ad with a video link from YouTube that way I can kill two birds with one stone. At this point I had no idea how much money I have spent. What I did learn is to get to the point faster with my text copy. My 1st ad was a video of Jared and I when I was pregnant and we hung a picture side by side and I hung it faster then he did. Genius video suggested to us by our ex PR company a few years back. I searched YouTube and noticed pregnancy type videos have received million views so I thought to create similar text. It said “ 24 Weeks Pregnant Mom going against “Property Brothers” Contractor. Who can hang a picture faster?” I was WRONG, it flopped and another waste of money. Perhaps next time I may try this again and target Property Brothers audience. I feel like the lesson I learned is to add something in the copy and target that same audience. That way when the audience reads the copy they can relate because they like Property Brothers and they are reading about Property Brothers.

I decided to put my theory to the test and created a new ad. It’s finally here at Bed, Bath and Beyond! The only tape measure that levels and punches your wall AT THE Same time. As seen on ABC and QVC. Hang-O-Matic, only $14.99. I also create a short link to the video via because Facebook gives less impressions to YouTube links and bitly gives data on how many clicks it receives. Then I decided to target people who like Bed Bath and Beyond. All the previous times I did moms, Pinterest, HGTV, DIY network, tools etc. NOTHING ever worked. Nothing ever worked that agencies told me they were going to do.

I can also tell you that because I was over these ads and I was just trying to get views on the channel, I only used to BOOST the post rather then create an ad in Power Editor and I started seeing results immediately. The new ad reached 25,500 people, it was shared 134 times and people were either liking the post or commenting every day. My YouTube views increased, my sales at Bed Bath and Beyond increased, I started to engage with the audience, they were actually going into the stores and my budget DECREASED.
Facebook Ads blueprint
I had a $200 budget for the ad which lasted about a month. I used a photo (thumbnail from YouTube) that shows a crooked picture so they can see the photo when the sponsored ad appears and gives the option to click on the link to watch video. Facebook ads are way more simpler then we make them out to be. Keep it simple and use a video, its just less expensive. However if you are focusing to drive traffic to your website then you would follow this formula and make your bitly link go to your website. I also made sure to have the Learn More button instead of shop.

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