My biggest weakness is patience

My biggest weakness is patience. What is yours? My mind races all day long, I hear something or someone and my mind goes into Marketing mode and wanting to share the thought right away. But social media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram have these “best time to post” algorithm and they tell you to wait till this specific time BUT I ain’t got that time.

Unless I pull over, stop my day, don’t feed the kids, don’t drive them to school on time, be late to something planned or skip the gym.. if I listen. So screw the algorithm and here’s my thought before I forget it.

Facebook Ads. I did a video on this last week and I’m watching some YouTube videos to expand my marketing knowledge and Gary V said exactly what I think. “If the facebook ad is not working, you suck”. lol . I disagree that you suck but if its not working its a few things.

Your caption is not clear as to what you’re selling or what you want the customer to do; your website needs work, you’re sending the customer through too many hoops, your price is too high etc etc… You’re targeting the wrong audience. At the end of the day, Facebook ads Work but it takes time to figure out what works for YOU. Let’s start with your message. If you have one, posted it below and i’ll give you my old school, 50’s thought.

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