It’s Trade Show season! Are you exhibiting? If so, where?

We love trade shows. In fact, this frame I’m holding was THE only thing we brought plus samples of Hang-O-Matic of course. We were very selective who we gave one too because we were only able to afford 25 samples back in 2014. Buyers were very responsive & many understood if they couldn’t get one.

You have to understand if a distributor walks by & wants one & says “oh I can help you get into…”. Uh NOPE. Learned that lesson the hard way. No one, ever did for us what they said they would. So be selective. It’s
OK. We did everything ourselves with Full Time jobs, new baby at home, no sitters, no family help.

This prop helped me stop traffic, grab attention, make them laugh, give them something to say, stay longer & see my presentation. Many even walked away & remembering me by this frame rather than the new product they just heard plus 100s of others they met. So pick something that will help you stand out.

Sell sheet, smell sheet. Don’t spend a lot of money on that either. Most people will most likely throw it out.

What helped us get retailed into 18 large stores with 1 SKU totaling 12,000 locations plus was simply Pitching & following up with the same pitch.

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