Every couple has a story, and theirs is a tale of perseverance.

Jared and Karina Rabin overcame innumerable obstacles, rejections and setbacks to bring their product, Hang-O-Matic, to market. Though it’s now a household name, launching Hang-O-Matic nearly cost the Rabins their savings and sanity.

Today, the successful power couple is working to ensure their experience serves as both informative and inspirational to other aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Rabins have created free YouTube tutorials to teach new inventors how to get started. They’re sharing the videos with hopes others can reach a level of success that hasn’t come easily.

 The idea for Hang-O-Matic was sparked back in 2000, when Jared was a college student moving from one rental unit to another. He was tired of landlords charging him for walls he’d damaged through failed attempts at hanging pictures and shelves. MORE


My best tip is selling on value. I have grown my business from the ground up and have been very successful selling based on what the product/service does rather than what it is. For example, if I were to ask you, ‘what do you do?’, you would probably say a writer.

A writer is your job title, not what you do. What you do is inspire, motivate, and educate small businesses to succeed in their daily personal or business life by writing inspiring stories. I think salespeople need to sell on the outcome their product or service has rather than what it is. Another example is rather than saying, I sell a vacuum cleaner, you would say, my product creates clean floors with a vacuum that does xyz. MORE


Couple’s Hang-o-Matic simplifies picture hanging after obstacles in bringing product to market. 

Jared Rabin doesn’t want your walls to look like Swiss cheese. Like many of us, he is familiar with the frustration of nailing in multiple holes in an attempt to hang a picture that is level.

Rabin invented the Hang-O-Matic to help hang pictures and other wall-mounted accessories perfectly level on the first try. After more than 15 years of development and many twists and turns—talk about frustration—he and his wife, Karina, have gotten the product into retail outlets.

The Hang-O-Matic is an enhanced tape measure that helps mount wall hangings perfectly level. The tape measure is 6 feet long and has a bubble level that slides on. On either side of the bubble level are pointed anchors that slide on the tape and are used to make marks on the wall to indicate where nails should be placed.


Lake Forest pair to make a pitch on premiere of TV’s ‘Quit Your Day Job’

Appearing on a reality TV show can be life-changing. For Lake Forest couple Jared and Karina Rabin, landing a spot on Oxygen’s new “Quit Your Day Job” could be a lifesaver.

Jared, 36, and Karina, 37, will be featured during the series premiere today. Similar to the popular pitch show “Shark Tank” on ABC, the Oxygen show offers aspiring, young business owners the opportunity to pitch inventions and ideas to a panel of investors. MORE


My favorite tool today for increasing sales is Facebook LIVE! This is an incredibly powerful tool and every business should be taking advantage of it right now. Facebook’s algorithm changes often and if Facebook users complain that LIVE is getting out of hand and there are too many notifications then guess what, Live will go away just like the visibility of business pages unless you pay to play. Research shows that 81% of internet users stream live videos on Facebook than the year before. In my opinion, I think Facebook LIVE helps business engage with their customers, get new customers and allows them to brand their business. MORE

Karina and Jared Rabin didn’t land an investment deal on Oxygen reality show “Quit Your Day Job,” but they’re finding ways to hang in there.

During the season premiere of the show, Karina and Jared pitched Hang-O-Matic, a product to make it easier to hang art, shelves and other items on a wall. Other contestants were Society Nine, a boxing glove and fitness company that makes products for women, and Mane Therapy, a line of weave products, including a scratcher and storage system. MORE


Entrepreneurs Magazine Elevator Pitch

Jared and Karina Rabin pitch four investors who have to all agree to invest into their business. But is there a bait and switch? Find out on this episode of Entrepreneurs Elevator Pitch

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Steve Harvey's FUNDERDOME is a seed-funding competition reality series where two budding entrepreneurs go head-to-head to win over a live studio audience to fund their ideas, products or companies. The audience represents the "customer" and, as the customer is always right, they vote to determine the winner.

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For more info, please visit http://www.openforum.com/yourbusinesstv. Each week, MSNBC's Your Business features experts to share their secrets for improving your business. Hang-O-Matic is an all-in-one tool for hanging pictures. It measures, acts as a level and marks the wall to make hanging things like your family photos easier. Let’s find out if our panelists are ready to take this tool home.

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