How to sell into Ace Hardware

Welcome to The Pitch To Get Rich where we share how to get your products into retail stores. Ace Hardware was THE first store that we were able to pitch and quickly get a PO (Purchase Order) which is the reason we wanted to share and teach you how you can get your product into this store yourself. Because our product Hang-O-Matic is a hardware product, we are often asked how to get into Hardware stores like Ace and Home Depot. If you’re interested in trying to get into Home Depot then please visit this blog post (Home Depot

We love this store, they carry a variety of items so if your product is not in the hardware category, Ace may still be a great fit because of the large variety they carry even toys.

They also sell gift items and some of the most random things you could ever imagine. Just go visit your local store and look around and it will give you an idea where your product may fit for when you’re trying to find that buyer.

This store is one of the easier stores to get into. You can either walk into your local store to pitch or you can attend their Open Buying Day which is now called, Maker to Market or you can pitch a corporate buyer. This corporation offers a lot of different ways and they are all pretty simple. When selling on local level to your local store: You can walk into your local store but be sure to ask how many stores they have. Sometime a store is part of 25 stores and if that’s the case then they will have a local corporate office and you would have to find that person in charge to pitch them. But if your local store only has one location then you can just talk to the owner.

Selling into major retailers requires you to have sold products in stores, so if you haven’t sold anything in stores yet then Ace would be a great start. That way it can keep your cost low so you do not have to buy a lot of inventory to support a few local stores like you would if you were to sell into Home Depot. Plus selling into smaller stores allows you to grow slow and have proved the product when pitching larger stores. Sometimes people want to sell to major retailers but they don’t have the money or the resources to buy or to sell thousands and hundreds to thousands of units to a major retailer, and that makes you nervous and worried, and it makes you think you’re not ready for that yet.

But Ace Hardware is a perfect place to start because they tend to buy in a local level. It’s usually either franchise-owned or somebody owns that store. It’s corporate but it’s also local level. With that said, get in your car and drive over to your local store and bring your product with you. Once your sales increase and you’re ready to grow into more stores, it will be much easier for you to pitch new retailers by sharing that your product is selling in Ace and you will be able to share numbers that new buyers want to hear.

The other beauty of this store is that once your product is in, you can visit the store weekly to check on your product. Make sure its still on the shelf where its supposed to and ask the store how its selling AND because this store is small and local to the neighborhood the owner of the store would let you come in on a Saturday or Sunday and put a table in the store for Demo’s. Ace owners love that because you’re helping the store sell more units and you’re socializing with their customers.

We hope that we provided value for you. If you want to learn more on the exact steps, from start to finish on how to sell a product to retail stores and how to create a pitch then please visit for free videos.