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About The One Pitch 

Welcome to The One Pitch where you will find the resources you need to build a successful business; learn how to get your product into retail stores and learn how to brand your business.

We are real people that put everything on the line by selling our home to chase the American Dream.

We invented, manufacture, package, ship and sell our product Hang-O-Matic to over 12,000 retail stores in 6 countries.  Our road to retail was rough due to all of the fake promises we received early on, which forced us to learn the entire retail process from start to finish.

Today, Hang-O-Matic can be found in retail locations such as The Home Depot, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Hobby Lobby, QVC and many more. When we launched in 2014 there weren’t any free resources and there weren’t any advisors who would speak with us a few minutes for free. We created The One Pitch to share our experience and create a free platform for all inventors to have a safe place to visit and get help that you’re looking for.

Weekly Content

We provide free content via weekly blog posts, emails, and Facebook Live broadcasts that help you learn how to develop your retail roadmap. We share the most effective tactics and strategies that worked for us with Hang-O-Matic. Join us LIVE and learn what other product developers are working on.


We Love to Inspire your Team

If you’re looking to learn how to Pitch your customers and learn how to build valuable relationships with your customers then send us a message and we would love to come out and train your team.


Coaching                         As seen on Quit Your Day Job

If you’re looking to get weekly support then let us coach you on how to pitch, who to pitch and how to brand your business. We coach you step-by-step through your retail journey by helping you develop a plan that is best for your product and keep you on track by supporting you and making sure you achieve a specific goal. We can provide training and guidance by having 1:1 calls.

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